Re: COVID-19

Dear patients and colleagues,

We are committed to staying in front of the rapidly changing environment imposed upon us by this virus pandemic. We want you to know what we are doing to facilitate proper care for our patients, while remaining available for any non-elective/emergent care.

In compliance with our governor’s request, as well as the recommendation from the Ohio State Dental Board, we are deferring all elective surgical procedures for now. Although the future course of this viral attack is not yet known for Ohio, we are hopeful this will run its course quickly, enabling us to resume the normal scope of practice.

Our office will remain open. We will see any emergent needs, all referrals for pathology, and necessary post-operative follow-ups for all COVID-19 asymptomatic patients. Any emergent patients who also may have respiratory symptoms, fever, or other signs that could be associated with COVID-19 will be referred for evaluation in the hospital setting where the appropriate precautions can be utilized.

We are also taking extraordinary measures in infection control for every surface that can be accessed. All patients will be telephone screened, as well as asked on arrival about COVID-19 symptomatology. They will have their temperatures taken as part of their evaluation. All staff and doctors will also have our temperatures taken every morning. For any doctor or staff member who either tests positive or has symptoms, we will self-quarantine for at least 2 weeks in accordance with the CDC recommendations.

Thank you for trusting our office with your patients’ care. We are blessed to take care of them and enjoy the opportunity to work with great dentists. Again, our office will continue to stay open during this time for emergency patients and those who need urgent evaluation such as pathology patients. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions.

Kindest Regards,

Jon R. Ewig, DDS

Steven Cudney, DMD


Our friendly and courteous staff will greet you and do everything possible to make you welcome and at ease. Recommendations for treatment are explained at a consultation time set aside specifically for you. Every effort is made to foster complete and regular communication with your family dentist. We highly value the confidence he or she has shown in referring you to us. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the best possible information concerning your treatment options.

“Our time investment in patient education enables us to render the best possible outcome for your surgical treatment.”