Advanced Technology

We constantly strive to provide our patients with the finest dental care available.  Our investment in advanced technology means a long-term investment in your future.  State-of-the-art technology invites informed decision-making and enables patients to make wise choices concerning their oral health.  Dr. Ewig offers the latest dental and surgical technology for your benefit.

  • Digital Radiology (Imaging)

    Both intraoral and three-dimensional Cone-beam CT scan imaging is available to assist in the diagnosis of disease in the oral cavity, as well as entire facial region.  This technology provides information at a glance about existing fillings, supporting bone, sources of infection, tumors, cysts and decay.  The cone-beam CT in particular has dramatically enhanced our capabilities to see structures from the eyes and ears down to the upper neck, and represents the state-of-the-art in maxillofacial imaging today.

  • Computers

    Our computer system is designed to efficiently manage the most complex information in the dental and medical industries. Our system handles treatment and payment plans, processes and stores all digital imaging, and protects patient privacy with several layers of firewall and hacking protection. We employ a Systems Administrator who constantly monitors our entire system.

  • Implants

    We offer a variety of implant systems and can perform multiple procedures on the same day. Dr. Ewig will be happy to evaluate your dental needs and determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. Perhaps no other recent advance in dentistry has had such a major impact for our patient’s smile than dental implants.

  • Nitrous Oxide

    This inhaled gas, used for patient anesthesia, can be used during minor or less invasive surgical procedures. Dr. Ewig will be happy to discuss the indications for nitrous oxide use at your request.

  • Local Anesthesia

    This anesthesia is injected into the gum tissue at or near the area to be treated, producing a numbing effect that wears off after the procedure. Most patients find that the use of local anesthesia allows them to experience surgical treatment comfortably.

    IV (Intravenous) Anesthesia: This form of anesthesia is utilized for longer (IV Sedation) or more surgically intense (general anesthesia) procedures, and is “tailor-made” for each patient. The indications for these forms of anesthesia will be thoroughly discussed with you. Dr. Ewig maintains currency and licensure for all these form of anesthesia with the state of Ohio.